Systems Development

Phone and Broadband Reporting ToolimagesCA7K3FFJ

What does it do? Use our reporting tool to import your company’s electronic phone/broadband billing information and analyse the data into business sectors and lines. This allows cross department charging for phone usage and monitoring of data usage on broadband connections. Who uses it? We have found that SME to large multinational companies found this system invaluable in allowing them to reduce the time that is needed to analyse and check their statements to ensure accurate cross charge information.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – Off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Stock Ordering Toolthumb_COLOURBOX5331343

What does it do? If you need a system to forecast sales of particular product at a location so that you can project how much stock you need to order to effectively fill the floor space you have allocated then this is the system for you. By using this system you are able to order accurate amounts of stock and, for items that have a very short shelf life, only order the amount needed based on what can be displayed, thus considerably reducing the wastage. The system stores detail of each store’s capability and allows you to import the sales data, then, based on this data, suggests the numbers to be supplied to the store. Who uses it? Any retail outlet that needs to effectively plan stock and display capacity.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Flexi Time Systemuntitled

What does it do? Do you operate flexi time with your employees or need to monitor how much time an individual spends on a project? Our flexi time system is installed on every employee’s computer so they can “log in” when they arrived at work and “log out” on leaving work. Once running, it monitors the time spent on different projects or departments and the overall working hours. You can easily see how many hours employees were working and check flexible working practices were being adhered to – the finance department can also correctly allocate costs to the projects for the time the employees were undertaking. Who uses it? Any organisation that has cross departmental projects or operates a flexi time policy.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Sales Quoting Systemhfkjhgjhgf

What does it do? Help your sales team develop business by following simplifying and standardising quotations. Your sales people can create a quote that goes to your customer and then follow/take that quote into production, dispatch and delivery departments. By standardising the process and the documentation needed for an order, each stage in the ordering process can be monitored and checked for consistency. Who uses it? Any organisation that wishes to improve the efficiency of their quoting process.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

CRM Systemjhguiko

What does it do? Monitoring your communication between your organisation and your customers is essential. Use our CRM system in any organisation to accurately record conversations between you and the customers, be it either via email or telephone. It allows your sales team to set callbacks so a potential sales enquiry is not forgotten about, and scheduled follow up happens in a timely manner. As a sales person works they can create a “Hotlist” of calls to make on specific days and also can create a pipeline of potential business. All details of a customer can be stored, basics such as address, multiple site locations and all contacts relevant to be spoken to. The system records information as it’s generated by the sales person and can show sales person specific views, giving your sales team control over their customer base. Who uses it? Any organisation who wants up to date customer related information stored and easily accessed by sales and administration teams.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Event Management DatabaseimagesCA3ABNJC

What does it do? If you have “Events” on specific dates (for example room hire) that you need to record and invoice your customer for then this is the system for you. Take the event from reservation to confirmation and then through to invoicing the customer. Report easily on which events are happening and when. Who uses it? Any organisation that needs to record events and then invoice their customer.
Off the shelf – £750 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Training Records Systemtrainingcartoon

What does it do? This easy to use system will allow you to record individual training records for staff, set reminders where legislative training needs updating and report on the number of training events, number of people trained and the cost of that investment. This allows you to plan future events and project budgets for training and organise events more efficiently thus reducing costs considerably. Who uses it? Both large and small companies use this tool effectively. Any company who wants to monitor their investment in training and be able to easily obtain information from the records will benefit from this system.
Off the shelf – £500 + VAT
Modified to suit your specific requirements – off the shelf price + £650 per day to modify

Case Studies

The following are very specific systems developed to aid global organisations in carrying out their fundamental tasks and SME’s to improve their productivity and efficiency. As such they illustrate the breadth of possibilities for our system development service. These systems are built to customer specification by following the stages below:chart

Weld Test Database

Used by a company to record the 1000s of welding operations carried out to install a complex network of pipes in a power station. After recording the welds to be done, you could record the welder who carried out the operation and the testing of the quality of the weld. Statistics could then be generated on specific welder’s quality rates and overall company repair rates. The organisation needed to use a systems specialist company as they did not have the knowledge in house to develop and create the system in the application they had chosen.

Parts Monitoring Programme

This specialist company needed a system to hold a list of all the components that went into making a Formula One racing car. The system monitored the miles and hours on the vehicle and recorded wear and tear data for reliability tests. This organisation needed to use a systems specialist company as the project needed completion in a tight timeframe and they did not have the resources to achieve this.

Competitor Database

This organisation needed a system that allowed them to enter details of all their competitors’ products into it and then show these against the equivalent products that the company sold. This was used both to improve the sales forces knowledge of the competition but also to identify products that they could/should be supplying.

Trademark Legal Fees Monitoring Tool

This company manufactures over 20 items of patented/trademarked steel items and these are supplied over 60 countries. To control these trademarks, they use specialist legal companies who charge for all actions they undertake. To enable control of the billing and monitoring of all tasks carried out against the trademarks, a system was created which recorded all requests from the company to the legal teams and therefore when the bills were received they could be matched to the request. This allowed the company to better monitor if a trademark was necessary to maintain or if the costs of the legally chasing people was more than the loss of business. In the first year of use this saved the company nearly £200,000.

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