We can undertake personal profiling for Mental Toughness or Leadership.

These are online questionnaires that generate reports about the individual.  We then review that feedback.

The feedback sessions can happen in three ways.

  1. Just the report for the individual to read through and contemplate. Relies on the individuals actually reading and understanding the information and relating this to development opportunities.
  2. To discuss inside a specific course and share the subject matter as a group so for example if you are going to use the mental toughness questionnaire you could have a mental toughness workshop and have a collective feedback of common themes inside the day – this works very well where the group benefit from sharing examples.
  3. To have a feedback session with the facilitator either face to face or by telephone to discuss the outputs and help relate to a working development plan for the individual. This is the most thorough approach as it allows individuals to thoroughly discuss privately what the feedback actually means with the facilitator and how they could move forward positively to develop further. Questions and examples are used in the sessions to build a framework of understanding and a platform of moving forward.


You can mix and match the different approaches for example, you can adopt a full feedback approach for individuals that require a full development exercise and those that only want to review the report themselves can do that on their own.