Organising and scheduling training is a time consuming job to say the least. If you find that you don’t have the time or the resource to undertake this task then identified development needs don’t get dealt with or delivered. Many HR departments are finding resources stretched in addition companies may not have a central co-ordinator for course organisation.At EQV we have the experience to schedule, co-ordinate, organise and book your training courses and interventions.

How does the service work?

1) Booking ModelFirstly we agree a booking model which will be different from company to company. This ensures that we are organising the right kind of training interventions and courses that you require. This also allows you to choose minimum attendance levels, scheduling requirements, wait lists and takes into consideration specific business challenges you may have such as office cover issues.2) Development NeedsNext you supply the detail regarding the development needs. These can typically come from Appraisals, Performance Issues, Competency Framework Development, Business Strategies or Companywide initiatives. Once we receive that detail we can map across the development needs to the right kind of interventions again this can be different per company but can include, tutor led training courses, one to one coaching or e-learning. If needed we can undertake further Training Needs Analysis to further identify specifics such as Application and Level for an IT course for example.3) Contact DetailsWe then obtain the contact details of the employees, agree an appropriate schedule and start the booking process conforming to the agreed booking model. Candidates are sent confirmation of the events they are booked in for via email.

How much does it cost?

Providing you are able to supply contact details * this is a free service. We believe that helping you to get organised should be part of our learning and development solutions.Click here to return