Duration 4 Days

Who Should Attend?

Attendees will normally be responsible for Coaching and mentoring in their day to day role.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the skills, Principles and Practice of effective Management Coaching and Mentoring
  • Understanding Management Coaching or Mentoring in the Workplace
  • Reviewing Own Ability as a Management Coach or Mentor

Each of the above has an associated assessment associated to prove learning has taken place
Each Certificate programme is run over a 3 month period

Course Content

  • Understand the purpose of coaching and mentoring within an organisational context
  • Understand the skills, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values of an effective coach or mentor
  • Understand the role of contracting and the process to effectively coach or mentor
  • Understand the principles of effective coaching or mentoring in practise and how to evaluate benefits.
  • Be able to plan and prepare for management coaching or mentoring programmes based on identified developmental needs and goals
  • Be able to undertake and record at least twelve hours of formal coaching or mentoring activity with one or more clients
  • Be able to reflect and review own management coaching or mentoring practice
  • Be able to assess your own skills, behaviours and knowledge as a coach and mentor
  • Be able to critically review and reflect on the effectiveness of your own practice as a coach or mentor
  • Be able to demonstrate how you have developed and how you plan to develop in the future as a coach or mentor

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