Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend?

Managers or staff who wish to improve their written communication skills and report writing.

Learning Objectives

  • Produce a piece of business writing for a defined purpose
  • Produce a piece of business writing that satisfies an organisation’s business writing conventions
  • Use effective and appropriate tone, language and level of formality to meet specified standards when writing for a business purpose
  • Incorporate basic statistics and visual material in the content or in an appendix

Course Content

  • The value of the written word in avoiding errors and providing permanent records
  • Image, structure, layout conventions including  “house styles”
  • The purpose and conventions of letters, memos, reports and e-mails in use within the organisation
  • Planning for writing, including use of available information and the needs of the recipient
  • The importance of objectives and the reader
  • Report structures – to meet standard and specific requirements
  • Incorporation of statistics and visual materials, and the use of appendices to enhance understanding
  • Effective and appropriate use of tone, language, level of formality in a range of cases