XML Fundamentals

Course Duration is 1 Day

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Business Benefit

XML is a metalanguage which allows users to define their own customised markup languages, especially in order to display documents on the Internet.
Individuals will learn the fundamentals necessary to use XML on the Web, or in Data Processing Applications.

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Who Should Attend

Anyone new to XML for us on the web or in data processing applications.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Getting started with XML
XML Syntax
Writing DTDs
Basic XML Schemas
Transforming XML using XSLT
XML in Applications

Course Content

Getting Started with XML
Data and Document Structure
Well-Formed XML
Valid vs. Well-Formed XML
Enforcing Valid Documents: DTDs
Presentation Style
Using XML

XML Syntax
XML Fundamentals
Tag Attributes
Naming Rules
Empty and Non-Empty Elements
Nesting and Hierarchy of Tags
Processing Instructions and the XML Declaration
Other XML Constructs
Entity and Character References

Writing DTDs
Element Conditions and Quantifiers
Attribute Default
Parsed General Entities
Parsed Parameterized Entities

Why Namespaces?
Namespace Prefixes and Declaration
Multiple Namespace Declarations
Declaring Namespaces in the Root Element
Default Namespaces
DTDs and Namespaces

Basic XML Schemas
Schema Overview
A Minimal Schema
Associating Unqualified XML with a Schema
Simple and Built-in Types
Complex Types
Element Declarations
Attribute Declarations
Named Types and Anonymous Types

Transforming XML using XSLT
XPath: Selecting a Node
XPath: Navigating the Tree
Extracting Element Values
Choosing Specific Cases
Multiple Element Transformation
Sorting Elements

XML in Applications
Reasons and Places for Using XML
DOM Parsers
SAX Parsers
Web Services