Sales – The new face to face selling – the toolkit for todays environment

Course Duration is 1 Day

From: £425.00 Plus VAT

Delivery Method

Face To Face Delivery  Virtual Delivery One To One Coaching Closed Group Course Public Course

Business Benefit

Many businesses have a sales team which includes face to face sales.  In todays environment these colleagues now need a new approach and a new set of skills.  This course allows the experienced sales person to build on their skills to be able to apply a robust set of new skills into their role.

Who Should Attend

Ideal for anyone who has previously sold face to face and now needs to adapt to the new way of working.

Learning Outcomes

Define the key challenges and solutions for the new environment
Discuss the differences between the old and new selling processes
Create a new approach for their clients
Work confidently on the telephone and virtual platforms

Course Content

‘Virtual is Vital’ : the key challenges of remote selling.
The psychology of buying – understanding this within a remote environment. Telephone and online.
The client is important.
First impressions. Build rapport. Being sensitive to client’s situation, especially during lockdown. Telephone or virtual.
Be positive. Words, tone and body-language (for virtual). Telephone or virtual.
Using compliments. Finding something good about the person on screen or on the phone.
Creating maximum engagement – providing value from the first minute.
Demonstrating your credibility by sharing fresh insights.
Ask relevant questions. Use either ‘Open’ or ‘TED’.
Listen carefully and demonstrating empathy.
Compelling dialogue: DIQ – Data, Insight, Question.
Involving clients in the telephone call or online presentation.
Dynamic visuals for online .
5% retention.  Focused, Rewarding, Memorable, Repeatable and Actionable.
Priming your key slides or telephone sales pitch.
Presenting your solution or product. FAB statements and Rhythm of Three.
Listening to and overcoming objections.
Closing on the up. Having appropriate online facilities to do this – simple documentation and virtual signatures.
Finishing the call or virtual meeting. The client is still important
Follow up and after-sales.

How to Book

If you are interested in booking this course, then please select an available date and then click book now to complete the booking. Can’t see a suitable date contact us on [email protected] and we can discuss specific date requirements.


These follow up coaching sessions help support your colleagues to embed their learning during their skills transfer period.  Applying new skills and changing behaviour takes effort and practice.  After attending a training course many colleagues will find they need support through this transition.  EQV can provide that support with follow up coaching sessions to help embed the learning.

Embedding coaching sessions can be delivered in 90 minute and half day durations.  The facilitator will work with the group to capture feedback about challenges and how to overcome them ensuring success going forward.

Having a formal embedding coaching session will not only increase the success of the skills transfer period but helps create a platform of motivation, inclusivity and commitment within the group.