The Brilliant Manager

Course Duration is 1 Day

From: £425.00 Plus VAT (per person)

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Delivery Method

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Business Benefit

‘First Line Management’, a role acknowledged by most organisations as central to success. Without a firm grasp of the manager’s role and a mastery of fundamental skills, many find themselves teetering on the brink of struggle, floundering, and, in some cases, facing failure. This course not only imparts the vital understanding needed but also serves as the catalyst propelling the initiation and growth of these crucial skills. Elevate your managerial prowess and fortify the foundation for triumph in the dynamic landscape of business and projects.

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their managerial and leadership skills. It is ideal for:
Aspiring Managers: Those aspiring to take on managerial roles and looking to understand the foundational principles of effective management and leadership.
Current Managers: Managers aiming to refine their leadership style, build and manage effective teams, and gain insights into team dynamics using the Tuckman theory.
Team Leaders: Individuals leading teams who want to develop a deeper understanding of their leadership style, team roles (Belbin type), and effective performance management techniques.
Professionals in Need of Time Management: Individuals seeking ways to manage their time more efficiently, analyse their job roles, and work smarter to boost productivity.
Motivators and Change Managers: Those interested in learning how to motivate teams effectively and navigate the complexities of change management.
Anyone Aiming for Managerial Excellence: Individuals who want to cultivate heightened confidence and embody the qualities of a Brilliant Manager for sustained success in their professional journey.

Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive Understanding: Gain a profound understanding of the principles that underpin effective management and leadership in diverse professional settings.
Team Building Mastery: Acquire the skills to construct and lead high-performing teams, fostering collaboration and synergy among team members.
Tuckman Theory Application: Evaluate and navigate your team’s developmental stages using Tuckman’s theory, enhancing your ability to manage team dynamics and challenges effectively.
Personal Leadership Insight: Establish and refine your unique leadership style, providing a solid foundation for effective leadership in various contexts.
Performance Management Proficiency: Recognise the significance of performance management and learn effective techniques for setting objectives, ensuring sustained individual and team success.
Time Management Excellence: Explore strategies for efficient time management, conduct a critical examination of your job role, and adopt smarter working practices for enhanced productivity.
Motivational Expertise: Develop the skills to motivate and inspire your team, creating an environment conducive to sustained enthusiasm and high performance.
Change Management Competence: Consider and master effective approaches to managing change, fostering adaptability and resilience within your team and organisation.
Heightened Confidence: Cultivate a robust sense of confidence, empowering you to embody the qualities of a Brilliant Manager and navigate professional challenges with assurance.

Course Content

Understand management and leadership
Establish how to build an effective team
Establish where your team is in line with Tuckman theory
Establish your leadership style
Understand the importance of performance management and setting objectives
Understand ways to manage your time, examine your job role and work smarter
Learn how to motivate your team
Consider your thoughts on change and how to manage change
Feel increased confidence to enable you to be a Brilliant Manager.

How to Book

Dates below represent open public courses only. To book this course, please select an available date and click the book now button below to complete the booking. Have two or more people to train – you may consider a closed group course. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss specific date and delivery requirements.


Measuring The Success


The purpose of your training is learning new skills and/or changing behaviour. We can help you measure this!

To evaluate how successfully the attendees are doing this, delegates can attend a Workplace Implementation session during the skills transfer period. The cost of the session is £595+VAT delivered virtually and lasts for 2.5 hours.

During the Workplace Implementation session the individuals will either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group discuss the challenges and successes they have experienced during their skills transfer period.
This will include what they are doing differently as a direct result of the training and how this has positively impacted the organisation.
This is an excellent way to encourage the learning, support the skills transfer into the workplace and act as a measure to evaluate the training.

We compile this information into a report so that you have evidence of your return on investment.