£1,195.00 Plus VAT (per person)

Team Building VR Session – It’s a game changer!

Whether your event is just for fun or for team development with specific learning objectives, our engaging and totally immersive VR experience can be delivered at your locations in a safe environment.

Real Challenges to test the participants

The beauty of VR is that you can incorporate challenges that aren’t available everyday, such as balancing at the top of a skyscraper, defusing bombs, zero gravity frisbee and solving puzzles. How do your colleagues handle the pressure?

Game Play with or without learning objectives

We can run the session as either a gaming event for fun or we can add a facilitated element to it that will focus on specific skills. Or you can have a mix of the two.
Designing around your learning objectives
We can focus on how colleagues demonstrate specific competencies and encompass facilitated reflective discussion. These competencies could be leaderships skills, communication and problem solving skills as well as team building strengths.

Involvement and engagement

VR is emotive and engaging and a new experience for many so naturally puts people out of their comfort zones. Our facilitators will ensure that everyone gets involved and interacts to defeat the challenges they face.

Vary the group sizes – vary the timings

Our VR experiences run for group activities of 3-4 through to 8 in a session making it very cost effective. We tailor the activities for the group size. The sessions run from 20 minutes up to 2 hours and these are broken up to ensure appropriate breaks. We can run two group sessions across the day making it available for up to 16 of your colleagues. That’s an investment of £75 per head.


Safe environment

Our headsets are sanitized for each session and the “play area” is defined for social distancing and safe space to physically participate in the games.
Each person will receive an orientation session introducing them to the equipment and the VR environment.