Power Pages

Course Duration is 1/2 Day

£295.00 Plus VAT (per person)

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Delivery Method

Open Public Courses – Virtual Delivery Only  Closed Group Courses – Face To Face and Virtual Delivery

Business Benefit

The Power Pages training course covers a wide range of topics, offering participants a well-rounded skill set to create, manage, and optimise content using Power Pages.

Who Should Attend

The Power Pages training course is ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive and hands-on understanding of Power Pages, especially those involved in website development, content creation, and data management. It is well-suited for web designers, content creators, and business professionals who wish to enhance their skills in creating visually appealing and data-driven web pages. Additionally, administrators responsible for managing and customising Power Pages environments, as well as individuals involved in financial planning for website development, will find the course beneficial.
Anyone looking to harness the full potential of Power Pages for effective content creation, secure website development, and efficient data integration should consider attending this training course.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding: Participants will leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of Power Pages, enabling them to harness its capabilities effectively.
Security Proficiency: Mastery of Power Pages security features equips participants to create content with confidence, knowing it is secure and protected.
Data Integration Skills: The course empowers participants to integrate Power Pages seamlessly with Dataverse, enhancing their ability to work with and leverage data efficiently.
Customised Site Design: Participants will have the expertise to design business sites tailored to specific needs, ensuring a personalised and professional online presence.
Financial Planning: Understanding Power Pages pricing structures enables participants to make informed decisions, facilitating budgeting and financial planning.
Smooth Onboarding: Guidance on signing up for Power Pages ensures a smooth onboarding process, reducing barriers for participants to start using the platform.
Enhanced User Experience: Efficient navigation skills, including familiarity with the landing and home screens, contribute to an improved overall user experience with Power Pages.
Creative Content Creation: The Power Pages Design Studio section instills skills for creative and effective page design, resulting in visually appealing and engaging content.
Hands-On Page Development: Participants gain hands-on experience in creating pages, inserting sections, and adding components, fostering expertise in building compelling content.
Dynamic Data Utilisation: Understanding data source connectivity enables participants to create dynamic and data-driven content, enhancing the relevance and impact of their pages.
Comprehensive Data Management: Working with Data Workspace, Tables, Views, Forms, and Advanced Components provide participants with a comprehensive set of data management skills.
Effective Administration: Proficiency in admin settings, portal management, site visibility, and table permissions, allowing them to efficiently manage and customise their Power Pages environment.
Successful Production Deployment: The course covers the process of pushing a site to production, ensuring participants can effectively launch and showcase their Power Pages creations to a wider audience.

Course Content

What are Power Pages?
Power Pages Capabilities
Power Pages Security
Power Pages & Dataverse
Designing Your Business Site
Power Pages Pricing
Signing Up
Power Pages Landing Screen
Reviewing Your Home Screen
Power Pages Design Studio
Creating Pages
Inserting Sections
Inserting Basic Components
Adding Your Style
Connecting to your Data Source7 lectures • 56min
Data Workspace
Working with Tables
Working with Views
Working with Forms
Inserting Advanced Components
The Set Up Workspace
Admin Settings
Portal Management
Setting Site Visibility
Table Permissions
Pushing Your Site to Production

How to Book

Dates below represent open public courses only. To book this course, please select an available date and click the book now button below to complete the booking. Have two or more people to train – you may consider a closed group course. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss specific date and delivery requirements.


Measuring The Success


The purpose of your training is learning new skills and/or changing behaviour. We can help you measure this!

To evaluate how successfully the attendees are doing this, delegates can attend a Workplace Implementation session during the skills transfer period. The cost of the session is £595+VAT delivered virtually and lasts for 2.5 hours.

During the Workplace Implementation session the individuals will either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group discuss the challenges and successes they have experienced during their skills transfer period.
This will include what they are doing differently as a direct result of the training and how this has positively impacted the organisation.
This is an excellent way to encourage the learning, support the skills transfer into the workplace and act as a measure to evaluate the training.

We compile this information into a report so that you have evidence of your return on investment.