Microsoft Word Introduction

Course Duration is 1 Day

£245.00 Plus VAT

Delivery Method

Face To Face Delivery  Virtual Delivery One To One Coaching Closed Group Course Public Course

Business Benefit

A course in Microsoft Word not only enhances the skills and efficiency of employees but also contributes to better communication, standardisation, and competitiveness within the business

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to cater to a broad audience of individuals who are looking to acquire basic word processing skills, create simple documents, and navigate through the application with confidence.

Learning Outcomes

Create and Format Professional Documents: Develop the skills to create documents that are not only well-structured but also visually appealing. Learn how to format text, paragraphs, and pages effectively to produce professional-quality documents
Copy and Paste Text: Master the fundamental techniques of copying and pasting text within documents and between different applications, enabling you to efficiently transfer and manipulate content
Manage Files: Learn how to efficiently organise and manage your digital files. This includes creating, saving, renaming, moving, and deleting files to maintain a tidy and organised digital workspace
Practice Basic Printing Techniques: Gain a solid understanding of basic printing procedures. Learn how to select and configure print settings, choose appropriate paper sizes, and troubleshoot common printing issues to achieve high-quality printed documents

Course Content

The Office Environment: Explore the workspace and interface of Microsoft Office applications, including the layout of menus, toolbars, and navigation elements.
Ribbons & Menus: Understand the structure of ribbons and menus within Office programs, which provide access to various commands and functions.
Customising your Environment: Learn how to personalise your Office environment by customising toolbars, ribbons, and shortcuts to suit your preferences and workflow.
Saving, Opening & Closing Files: Master the essential file management tasks, including saving, opening, and closing documents efficiently.
Entering & Editing Text: Gain proficiency in inputting and modifying text within documents, ensuring accuracy and clarity in your content.
Document Security: Explore strategies and tools for securing your documents, including password protection and permissions management.
Formatting: Discover techniques for formatting text, paragraphs, and pages to create polished and professional-looking documents.
Special Effects: Learn how to apply special formatting effects, such as text highlights, shadows, and 3D effects, to enhance the visual appeal of your documents.
Copy Formats: Understand how to copy and apply formatting from one part of a document to another, maintaining consistency in design.
Paragraph Formatting: Delve into paragraph-level formatting options, including alignment, indentation, and spacing to improve document structure.
Line Spacing: Explore line spacing settings to control the distance between lines of text, affecting readability and document appearance.
Bullet Points & Numbered Lists: Create organised and visually appealing lists using bullet points and numbering, improving document clarity.
Page Setups, Margins & Size: Learn how to configure page settings, including margins and page size, to optimise document layout and presentation.
Cut, Copy & Paste: Master the basic editing functions of cutting, copying, and pasting text or objects within documents.
The Office Clipboard: Discover how to use the Office Clipboard to manage multiple copied items and streamline the copy-paste process.
Printing: Understand the printing options and settings available in Office applications to produce hard copies of your documents.
Headers & Footers: Learn how to add headers and footers to your documents, including page numbers, titles, and other information for better organisation.
Document Views: Explore different document views, such as Normal, Print Layout, and Outline, to optimise your work environment
Spelling: Utilise built-in spelling and grammar checkers to ensure error-free documents.
Pictures & Graphics: Learn how to insert, edit, and format images, pictures, and graphics within your documents to enhance visual content.

How to Book

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These follow up coaching sessions help support your colleagues to embed their learning during their skills transfer period.  Applying new skills and changing behaviour takes effort and practice.  After attending a training course many colleagues will find they need support through this transition.  EQV can provide that support with follow up coaching sessions to help embed the learning.

Embedding coaching sessions can be delivered in 90 minute and half day durations.  The facilitator will work with the group to capture feedback about challenges and how to overcome them ensuring success going forward.

Having a formal embedding coaching session will not only increase the success of the skills transfer period but helps create a platform of motivation, inclusivity and commitment within the group.