Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Course Duration is 1 Day

From: £295.00 Plus VAT (per person)

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Delivery Method

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Business Benefit

Keeping the audience engaged and effectively conveying your message are paramount goals in presentation design. Leveraging the advanced features of PowerPoint can significantly enhance your ability to achieve these objectives, making your presentations more compelling and powerful

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for individuals who utilise PowerPoint regularly in their professional roles and seek to harness its advanced features to craft exceptionally compelling presentations and master the art of delivering them effectively

Learning Outcomes

Customise Templates, Masters, and Additional Layouts: Learn how to tailor PowerPoint templates to suit your specific needs, customise slide masters for consistent design, and create additional slide layouts for diverse content
Incorporate Sounds, Movies, and Graphics: Discover how to enhance your presentations by seamlessly adding audio, video, and graphics to your slides for a multimedia-rich experience
Utilise Hyperlinks and Action Buttons: Master the art of hyperlinking and action buttons to create interactive presentations that allow easy navigation within and outside your slides
Apply Animation and Effects to Objects: Gain proficiency in applying animations and visual effects to text and objects, making your slides dynamic and engaging
Create Custom Shows: Learn how to create custom shows within your presentation, enabling you to deliver tailored content to different audiences or scenarios

Course Content

Creating and Customising Master Slides: Learn to design and edit master slides to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your presentation
Working with Layouts and Placeholders: Understand how to use and customise slide layouts and placeholders to structure your content effectively
Theme Colors and Fonts: Explore the use of theme colors and fonts to maintain a cohesive design in your presentation
Using Tables to Display Data: Learn how to create and format tables for displaying data in your slides
Importing and Linking Data from Excel to Charts: Discover how to import data from Excel and create charts that automatically update when the Excel data changes
Inserting and Modifying Video: Add video content to your slides and make adjustments like resizing and formatting
Working with Sound Clips: Incorporate sound clips and adjust their settings for audio enhancements
Hyperlink & Action Buttons: Create hyperlinks and action buttons to navigate within your presentation or link to external resources
Custom Shows: Explore how to create custom shows to tailor presentations for different audiences or purposes
Animations: Learn to apply animations to objects and text for dynamic slide transitions and visual effects
Slide and Summary Zoom Transitions: Utilise slide and summary zoom transitions to enhance the overall flow and navigation of your presentation
Custom Shapes: Create and customise custom shapes to add unique design elements to your slides
Rehearsing Shows: Practice and rehearse your presentation, including timings and speaker notes

How to Book

Dates below represent open public courses only. To book this course, please select an available date and click the book now button below to complete the booking. Have two or more people to train – you may consider a closed group course. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss specific date and delivery requirements.


Measuring The Success


The purpose of your training is learning new skills and/or changing behaviour. We can help you measure this!

To evaluate how successfully the attendees are doing this, delegates can attend a Workplace Implementation session during the skills transfer period. The cost of the session is £595+VAT delivered virtually and lasts for 2.5 hours.

During the Workplace Implementation session the individuals will either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group discuss the challenges and successes they have experienced during their skills transfer period.
This will include what they are doing differently as a direct result of the training and how this has positively impacted the organisation.
This is an excellent way to encourage the learning, support the skills transfer into the workplace and act as a measure to evaluate the training.

We compile this information into a report so that you have evidence of your return on investment.