Menopause Awareness for Managers

Course Duration is 1/2 Day

£495.00 Plus VAT

Delivery Method

Face To Face Delivery  Virtual Delivery One To One Coaching Closed Group Course Public Course

Business Benefit

Increased Knowledge and Awareness: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of menopause, andropause, and their associated changes, which can lead to increased awareness of these natural life transitions.
Better Support: Individuals who attend the course, including partners, healthcare professionals, and employers, will be better equipped to provide support to those going through menopause and andropause. This can foster empathy and create a more supportive environment.
Improved Health Outcomes: Understanding the hormonal changes and health implications associated with menopause and andropause can lead to better health management and potentially improved overall well-being for both men and women.
Enhanced Coping Strategies: Participants will learn coping strategies to manage the physical and emotional symptoms associated with menopause and andropause, leading to a better quality of life during these transitions.
Myth Debunking: Dispelling common myths and misconceptions about menopause and andropause can help reduce stigma and ensure that individuals receive accurate information.
Enhanced Relationships: The course addresses the impact of menopause and andropause on relationships and provides guidance on effective communication and support. This can strengthen relationships and reduce conflicts.
Workplace Support: Employers and HR professionals attending the course will gain insights into creating supportive workplace policies and accommodations, ultimately promoting a more inclusive and understanding work environment.
Community Engagement: Educators and community leaders can use the knowledge gained from the course to educate and engage with the community, promoting awareness and understanding of menopause and andropause.
Professional Development: Healthcare professionals attending the course can enhance their skills and knowledge, improving the care they provide to patients going through these transitions.
Overall Well-Being: The course can contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life for individuals experiencing menopause and andropause, as well as for those in their support networks.

Who Should Attend

Leaders have a key role in supporting their colleagues and direct reports, to ensure great performance, engagement & belonging.  This session will equip people leaders, of all levels, with an understanding of the menopause, provide the insight, empathy and skills required to lead and support colleagues going through the menopause.

Learning Outcomes

When leaders leave the program, they are clear about why it is important to support colleagues.  This program also revisits some core leadership foundations that ensure leaders are confident and able to have the supportive/sensitive conversations required.

Course Content

What is the menopause?
The myths, facts, and stereotypes of the menopause.
Why menopause awareness and support are important for both colleagues and the organisation.
Diverse menopause stories that enable empathy & understanding.
The leader’s role in cultivating a supportive culture, which promotes openness & trust.
Core leadership behaviours and strategies that create a supportive culture.
The resources and support tools that exist within, and outside, of the organisation and be able to sign post colleagues to them if required.
Team specific action planning.

How to Book

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These follow up coaching sessions help support your colleagues to embed their learning during their skills transfer period.  Applying new skills and changing behaviour takes effort and practice.  After attending a training course many colleagues will find they need support through this transition.  EQV can provide that support with follow up coaching sessions to help embed the learning.

Embedding coaching sessions can be delivered in 90 minute and half day durations.  The facilitator will work with the group to capture feedback about challenges and how to overcome them ensuring success going forward.

Having a formal embedding coaching session will not only increase the success of the skills transfer period but helps create a platform of motivation, inclusivity and commitment within the group.