Business Process Mapping

Course Duration is 1 Day

£895.00 Plus VAT

Delivery Method

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Business Benefit

Business Process Mapping is an activity that involves what a business entity does, who is responsible, how should a business process be completed, and how should the success of a business process be determined.
This course, focused on the practical application of Business Process Mapping, will provide you with the insight, knowledge, and confidence to make BPM a reality in their organisation.

Who Should Attend

Delegates wanting to you be able to document, understand and improve their organisation’s business processes.
In this Business Process Mapping course, you will understand the practical application of Business Process Mapping, which will provide you with the insight, knowledge, and confidence to make BPM a reality in their organisation.
You will gain the knowledge and confidence to implement business process mapping within your organisation and significantly gain business performance.

Learning Outcomes

Understanding the Terms
Detail Behind the Processes
Stages of Business Process Mapping
Mapping A Business Activity
Assigning Control and Responsibilities
Drawing the Process Map
Estimating Time and Cost and Validating the Process Map
Process Analysis
Creating “To Be” Processes

Course Content

What is a Process?
Understanding the Terms
Key Stages in Effective Process Mapping
‘As Is’ Process
‘To Be’ Process
Start, End, and Purpose of Business Activity
Key Elements
Brown Paper Analysis
Workshop Facilitation Skills
Titles and Numbering
Detail Behind the Processes
Using Swim Lanes in Process Maps
Opportunity Flowchart
How to Create Swim Lane Diagram?
Standard BPMN Symbols
Swim Lane Case Study
What is a Process Map?
Documenting the Process
Business Process Timing
Process Cost
Analysing the Cost Estimate Columns
Case Study for Identifying Problems, Bottlenecks, and Inefficiencies
Unblocking Bottlenecks
Increasing Efficiency at the Bottleneck

How to Book

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