Adobe InDesign Introduction

Course Duration is 1 Day

£199.00 Plus VAT

Business Benefit

Use the skills learnt on this course to allow you create visually interesting and creative publications with a minimal amount of effort and greater productivity.

Who Should Attend

Use the skills learnt on this course to allow you to expand your knowledge of long document techniques and text and graphic tools.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Understand type controls
Manage graphics
File management
Layers & colours
Document set-up

Course Content

The InDesign interface
Creating a custom workspace
Navigating around a document
Smart guides and smart spacing

Creating a new document
The New document dialog box
Introducing text frames
Selecting and editing text
Character formatting
Using colour with text
Placing a picture
Using the Content Indicator

Working with colour
Creating colour swatches
Spot versus process colours
Applying Strokes and Fills
Creating tints

Multiple page documents
Multi-page documents
Using the Pages panel
Placing text
Flowing text through frames
Paragraph formatting
Using the Eyedropper tool
Multi-column text frames

Using Bullet-Point lists
Using Numbered lists
Editing List formatting

Working with styles
Character and paragraph styles
Creating styles
Editing and applying styles
Removing style formatting
Using Quick Apply

Working with graphics
Different file formats
Picture fitting options
Using Auto-fit
Placing multiple graphics
Wrapping text around images
Images with clipping paths
Checking image resolution using the Info Panel

Working with Master Pages
Master Page guidelines
Creating and editing Masters
Applying Master Pages
Auto-numbering pages

Exporting and printing
Using pre-defined PDF presets
Exporting PDF files

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