Active Listening & Communication in Today’s Environment

Course Duration is 1 Day

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Business Benefit

How much time, effort and money is lost when things go wrong in the workplace due to a breakdown in communication? At the very least, the answer must be, “lots”!
Now we have to be able to communicate effectively without being in person this course will help to overcome these communication problems.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

This course is invaluable for those who want to strengthen their communication skills and enhance their ability to interact with others.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Understand the importance of communicating accurately, concisely and, in a way that is likely to get understanding and co-operation
Understand the barriers to listening in todays environment
Complete a post course action plan to implement the learning

Course Content

The importance of effective listening and communication in today’s environment
The challenges associated with online communication
Barriers to listening, peripheral listening, dealing with distractions, impact of behaviour on listening, maintaining focus
What is effective communication, and the consequences of ineffective communication
Being one ‘click’ away from losing your client or customer
Hearing – a natural sense; listening – a learned behaviour: our instinctive behaviours
Internal and external listening: sensing, intuition, interpretation, observing, dealing with your ‘internal’ world, respecting the ‘external’ world – the challenge of an online environment
Active listening (Attending), how this demonstrates empathy and depth-empathy, how this increases client engagement and rapport – the benefits for your organisation – the challenge of an online environment
Practical steps and best practice to ensure your communication and listening is highly effective
Case studies and practical activities to demonstrate the above