SQL Programming Introduction


Business Benefit :-

This SQL Introduction programming course teaches relational database fundamentals and SQL programming skills. Topics covered include relational database architecture, database design techniques, and simple and complex query skills.

Duration 3 Days

Who should attend?

This class is intended for analysts, developers, designers, administrators, and managers new to the SQL programming language.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Database Fundamentals
  • Work with advanced Query techniques
  • Understand database development methodology
  • Able to work with stored procedures
  • Create User-defined Functions
  • Effectively perform database tuning

Course Content

  • Overview of Database concepts
  • SQL, DML and DDL Languages
  • Using Column Functions
  • Writing Basic SQL Queries
  • Advanced Query Techniques
  • Manipulate table data using DML
  • Building a Logical Data Model
  • Enforcing Relationships with foreign Keys
  • Creating Custom functions
  • Creating Stored Procedures
  • Working with Triggers
  • Nested and Recursive Triggers

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