Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • How SharePoint can help in a collaborative working environment
  • Work with SharePoint such as lists and libraries
  • Customise apps to meet personal needs with metadata
  • Create views to arrange items of information
  • Connect certain lists and libraries to Microsoft Outlook
  • Know when to Check in / Check out, or use Live Co-authoring
  • Work with Alerts & Notifications

Course Content

  • The SharePoint environment
  • The Ribbon
  • What is a SharePoint app?
  • Add SharePoint apps
  • The List App interface
  • SharePoint list apps
  • Working with SharePoint library apps
  • The library app interface
  • Metadata
  • Working with views
  • Managing views
  • Auditing items
  • Using Alerts
  • Check out / check in a document
  • Document Collaboration and co-authoring
  • Sync a SharePoint library
  • Connect information to Outlook