Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for you if you require data to appear on the worksheet according to certain conditions. If you need to visually trace the logical flow of formulae across a Worksheet and/or map circular references. If you need to maintain a single list of up to a few thousand items in rows, e.g. a list of company cars, personnel, or products or invoices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Query values with in a spreadsheet
  • Analyse data using advanced formulas
  • Manage large amounts of data
  • Create and manage pivot tables and charts

Course Content

  • The IF Function
  • Nested IF
  • The Lookup Function
  • Validating Lookups
  • IFs With lookups
  • Date Functions
  • The Auditing Toolbar
  • Checking Errors
  • Precedent & Dependent Tracing
  • List Management
  • Subtotals & Outlines
  • Data Statistical Functions
  • Goal Seek
  • Scenarios
  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts