Credit Value – 10

Duration 3 Days

Who Should Attend?

People performing at a top level with in an organisation, such as Directors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the context of senior leadership and management.
  • Be able to design an investigation and implementation plan of relevance to leadership and management.
  • Be able to implement and evaluate the results of the investigation.

Course Content

  • Analyse the strategic context of a learner specified organisation using theoretical approaches appropriate to Level 7
  • Identify the espoused strategic leadership and management capabilities in the context of the learner specified organisation
  • Critically evaluate the congruence of leadership and management capabilities in specified context including critical reflection on own choice of approaches
  • Undertake an investigation of relevance to leadership and management with data gathered from a variety of sources in order to meet own or organisations needs
  • Using the results of the investigation in 2.1 formulate a plan for the leadership and/or management of self or organisation in the specified context taking account of the needs of specified stakeholders
  • Critically evaluate the sources of information and development available to senior leaders and managers including professional network (s) and how they might inform the investigation
  • Demonstrate how engagement with a professional network has impacted your own thinking with regard to leadership and management
  • Critically evaluate the impact of the implementation of at least part of the plan
  • Communicate the impact of the investigation using appropriate media to specified stakeholders


£ POA +VAT Per Day