Duration 2 Days

Who should attend?

Attendees will normally be either practising or aspiring first line managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Leadership
  • Managing performance
  • Each of the above has an associated assessment associated to prove learning has taken place
  • Each Award programme is run over a 3 month period

Course Content

  • The qualities of leadership
  • The leader’s roles and responsibilities
  • Differences and similarities between leadership and management
  • Leadership models and their significance for task performance, culture and relationships
  • Leadership behaviours and the sources of power
  • Identification, development and appropriate choice of personal leadership styles and behaviours
  • The role of trust and respect in effective team leadership
  • The purpose and value of formal and informal performance assessment at work (formal assessment includes performance review/appraisal)
  • Ways to ensure fair and objective assessment (including objectives and on-going monitoring)
  • Preparations necessary for effective, valid and reliable assessments
  • Roles and responsibilities of individuals in the performance assessment process
  • Appropriate assessment records
  • How to conduct formal appraisals
  • The relevance of SMART objectives, and how to set them
  • How to set performance standards
  • How to measure performance against agreed standards
  • A range of methods for measuring performance and how to select the ideal one
  • Techniques for performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Range of performance improvement methods available to the manager
  • The importance of feedback to improve performance
  • Principles for giving effective feedback on performance

This is a Fast Track ILM Programme for those who want to achieve the qualification across a minimal training time. Further learning, modules and support sessions can also be added to this programme.

£445+VAT Per Delegate Per Day

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