HR for Non HR Managers

Course Dates:

Business Benefit :-

To have an understanding of employment law and the organisations HR procedures is important for managers. Not only to protect the organisation from litigation, but also to ensure that staff will be treated fairly and impartially should these procedures be brought into play. This course provides that understanding and helps to build a managers confidence when dealing with difficult situations. If we manage to use our organisations Disciplinary, Grievance and Capability procedures effectively it can enhance the workforce and support employees back to performance.

Duration 2 Day

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who may have to deal with HR/disciplinary procedures or needs to understand when to use capability to raise employee performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the organisations employment policies and procedures.
  •  Explain the disciplinary procedure.
  • Maintain disciplinary records.
  • Recognise and address team attitudes and behaviours.
  • Create a post course implementation plan.
  • Effectively use Capability
  •  Interviewing Skills
  •  Communicate effectively
  • Understand specific approaches to managing messages
  •  Appreciate how people receive messages
  •  Understand how to construct messages
  •  Adopt an appreciation of their own self awareness
  •  Setting KPIs/expectations

Course Content

  • Organisational employment policies.
  •  Discipline procedures.
  •  Keeping supporting records and monitoring the disciplinary process.
  •  Understanding the staff grievance procedure.
  •  Legal aspects of disciplinary and grievance processes.
  •  Interpersonal behaviour and support skills to maintain discipline at work.
  •  Supporting individuals to meet requirements.
  •  When should you put someone on capability?
  •  How to use capability to reach a successful outcome
  •  How to review, monitor and evaluate the success of the capability process
  •  Courageous conversations 7 point plan
  •  Communication blocks + tips for ensuring consistency
  •  Construction of messages simple
  •  Self-awareness tools + analysis
  •  Testing out 7 point plan



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