Duration 2 Day

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who may have to deal with HR/disciplinary procedures or needs to understand when to use capability to raise employee performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the organisations employment policies and procedures.
  •  Explain the disciplinary procedure.
  • Maintain disciplinary records.
  • Recognise and address team attitudes and behaviours.
  • Create a post course implementation plan.
  • Effectively use Capability
  •  Interviewing Skills
  •  Communicate effectively
  • Understand specific approaches to managing messages
  •  Appreciate how people receive messages
  •  Understand how to construct messages
  •  Adopt an appreciation of their own self awareness
  •  Setting KPIs/expectations

Course Content

  • Organisational employment policies.
  •  Discipline procedures.
  •  Keeping supporting records and monitoring the disciplinary process.
  •  Understanding the staff grievance procedure.
  •  Legal aspects of disciplinary and grievance processes.
  •  Interpersonal behaviour and support skills to maintain discipline at work.
  •  Supporting individuals to meet requirements.
  •  When should you put someone on capability?
  •  How to use capability to reach a successful outcome
  •  How to review, monitor and evaluate the success of the capability process
  •  Courageous conversations 7 point plan
  •  Communication blocks + tips for ensuring consistency
  •  Construction of messages simple
  •  Self-awareness tools + analysis
  •  Testing out 7 point plan