Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

This is a workshop for managers and HR specialists consisting of facilitated discussion and exercises on the Competency Framework.

Learning Outcomes

  • Fully appreciate why a competency framework exists
  • Understand the differences between technical and behavioural competencies
  • Understand how and when competencies will be measured

Course Content

  • Establish what competencies are and the difference between Technical Competencies (skills, knowledge and experience needed to do the job) and Behavioural Competencies (“How we do things round here.”)
  • Define the Culture of the organisation (what are the ‘symbols’ and ‘stories’ of your culture?)
  • Examine and discuss – ‘The Cultural Web.’ ( “Exploring Strategic Change”)
  • Look at the relationship between the Culture and the Competency Framework and consider how important the competencies are in supporting and developing the Culture.
  • Discuss the behaviours needed to demonstrate the competencies and how they will be measured and by whom (appraising managers, customers, service users, etc.)