Business Letter Writing


Business Benefit:-

Clear, concise written communication that projects a professional image is important to every organisation. This course focuses on the skills required to produce high quality written communication that is designed to inform and impress.

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to produce clear business letters or proposals as part of their job.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine the content and structure of a business letter
  • Understand how to present different types of information using different styles.
  • Create letters that have impact.
  • Understand the guidelines for different types of letters
  • Create a post course implementation plan

Course Content

  • The conventions of letter writing.
  • Creating a clear and logical structure.
  • Making a strong start.
  • Good business style.
  • Techniques for strong endings.
  • Guidelines for specific types of letter

Management, Personal Development

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