Adobe Illustrator Introduction

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to use Illustrator in their day to day work.

Learning Outcomes

  • Practise navigation shortcuts
  • Explore the drawing tools
  • Create an object
  • Apply colour to type objects

Course Content

  • Illustrator Environment Elements
  • Using Illustrator’s palettes
  • Navigating in Illustrator
  • Preview and Outline modes
  • Zooming and Scrolling
  • Vector and Raster graphics
  • The Drawing Tools
  • Editing paths
  • Working with objects
  • Grouping objects
  • Creating and applying colours
  • Using the Gradient tool
  • Using Illustrator’s Brushes
  • Changing the opacity of objects
  • Managing the Layers
  • Creating and formatting Type
  • Creating Type within an area
  • Printing Illustrator files