Webinar Days

 This could be a very useful way to stretch the budget for next year by providing targeted sessions around popular topic to groups through a time effective webinar delivery.


Please see the list for our current portfolio of topics which are being added to daily. During the topic we allow sharing of screen of the host or individual application.  Delegates can ask questions via the chat window or by open mic, dependant on group size.

Logistics and scheduling

You can operate your own wait lists for a particular date or request dates prior to the lists being populated.  Once the event is booked, each candidate is invited to the event and sent their own logon – and these are live 5 minutes before the event so that the event starts on time with everyone logged in and ready to participate.


We can host 4 different sessions during the day – amount of delegates per session can be up to between 1 and 250.

Webinar Sessions

Interested in any of these session then book today!