Duration 2 Days

Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of Transactional Analysis as an aide to communication and a powerful tool for change in both work and personal life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the theory and basic principles of TA
  • Demonstrate “stroke theories”
  • Describe the various “transaction types”
  • Explore “early decisions” and their role
  • Describe the four levels of “discounting”

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Theory and History of Transactional Analysis
  • The Ego State Model
  • Ego state exclusion and contamination
  • Transactions, strokes and time structuring
  • Autonomy and intimacy
  • Early Decisions
  • Life “positions” and “OKness”
  • Re-decisions
  • Contracts for change and open communication
  • Steering communication with awareness of transaction types
  • Leadership style, power profile and transaction content
  • The foundations of denial
  • The four levels of discounting