Transactional Analysis

Course Duration is 2 Days

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Business Benefit

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a well proven aide to communication and teamwork and many organisations have benefited from its implementation. TA is also a powerful tool for managing change and dealing with negativity and conflict in the workplace. This 2 day course outlines the basic principles and skills of Transactional Analysis and how to apply them in day to day work situations.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

Anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of Transactional Analysis as an aide to communication and a powerful tool for change in both work and personal life.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Describe the theory and basic principles of TA
Demonstrate “stroke theories”
Describe the various “transaction types”
Explore “early decisions” and their role
Describe the four levels of “discounting”

Course Content

Introduction to the Theory and History of Transactional Analysis
The Ego State Model
Ego state exclusion and contamination
Transactions, strokes and time structuring
Autonomy and intimacy
Early Decisions
Life “positions” and “OKness”
Contracts for change and open communication
Steering communication with awareness of transaction types
Leadership style, power profile and transaction content
The foundations of denial
The four levels of discounting