Time Management for Sales people

Course Duration is 1 Day

£395.00 Plus VAT

Business Benefit

Sales are the life blood of most companies but the cost of running a sales force can be considerable. One of the best ways of maximising its profitability is to ensure that all sales people can effectively manage their time. This course sets out to give sales people the knowledge and skills to make the best use of their time which will give them greater job satisfaction as well as increasing their profitability.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

Any sales person, account manager or representative who needs to fine tune their time management skills.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Describe the priority tasks of selling and the true value of time
Demonstrate methods for dealing with “time stealers”
Understand the importance of scheduling key tasks and the correct use of “to do lists”
Describe the benefits of forward planning
Delegate effectively to optimise the use of your own time
Effectively manage the time spent on external and internal meetings
Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

What are the key activities of selling?
Why is time management so important?
The classic “stealers of time”
Effective forward planning
Using your diary as a “to do list”
The golden rules of delegation
Managing meetings
Creating a post course action plan