Professional Telephone Skills

Course Duration is 1 Day

£395.00 Plus VAT

Business Benefit

Telephones play a huge part in communication, both internally and externally for any organisation. They also play a big part in the image people form about an organisation. Good telephone skills make an organisation either a pleasure to deal with or a nightmare. This course looks at building Professional Telephone Skills that can help your organisation become a pleasure to deal with.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

Any member of staff who regularly uses a telephone.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Demonstrate telephone competence and confidence
Understand the dos and don’ts of taking and making calls
Demonstrate the skills of dealing with difficult calls
Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

Building an image over the phone
Being an ambassador of the company
Understanding tone and pitch of voice
Developing telephone confidence
Handling the key stages of the call
Handling complaints over the phone
Dealing with abusive and aggressive behaviour