Course Duration is 1 Day

£425.00 Plus VAT (per person)

Have more than 2 delegates? Talk to us about our closed group courses.

Delivery Method

Open Public Courses – Virtual Delivery Only  Closed Group Courses – Face To Face and Virtual Delivery

Business Benefit

Assertiveness is one of the key skills a successful person possesses. It is a tremendously powerful skill that will not only serve you in your work life but also in your personal life too. Assertiveness is about being responsible for yourself and making your life work for you, instead of being a victim of circumstance. This programme has been specifically designed to give you the confidence and ability to say “no” as well as feeling comfortable when putting your views and opinions across in a range of formal and informal situations.

Who Should Attend

Do you sometimes wish that you could come over as being cool, calm, confident and in control in a variety of work and non-workplace situations?
Do you sometimes feel that life takes control of you rather than the other way around?
Do you find it hard to say “No”?
Do you always give in to what others want, regardless of your own feelings?
Do you find yourself bullied or pressured by aggressive or overbearing people?
Do you bottle up anger and bite your tongue when you know you should speak up?

Learning Outcomes

Understand what Assertiveness is
Understand other Behaviour Styles
Demonstrate the skills of Assertiveness

Course Content

What is assertiveness?
Rights and responsibilities in Assertiveness
Assertion and you
Behaviour styles
Non-Assertive Behaviour
Aggressive Behaviour
Assertive Behaviour
The “Risks” of Confrontation
Degrees of Confrontation Risk
Constructive Conflict
Making and refusing Requests
Giving and Receiving Praise and Compliments
Changing a Negative Self Image
Positive Statements
A Checklist for Speaking Up

How to Book

Dates below represent open public courses only. To book this course, please select an available date and click the book now button below to complete the booking. Have two or more people to train – you may consider a closed group course. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss specific date and delivery requirements.


Measuring The Success


The purpose of your training is learning new skills and/or changing behaviour. We can help you measure this!

To evaluate how successfully the attendees are doing this, delegates can attend a Workplace Implementation session during the skills transfer period. The cost of the session is £595+VAT delivered virtually and lasts for 2.5 hours.

During the Workplace Implementation session the individuals will either on a 1-2-1 basis or as a group discuss the challenges and successes they have experienced during their skills transfer period.
This will include what they are doing differently as a direct result of the training and how this has positively impacted the organisation.
This is an excellent way to encourage the learning, support the skills transfer into the workplace and act as a measure to evaluate the training.

We compile this information into a report so that you have evidence of your return on investment.