Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

Any sales person, account manager or representative who needs to fine tune their time management skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the priority tasks of selling and the true value of time
  • Demonstrate methods for dealing with “time stealers”
  • Understand the importance of scheduling key tasks and the correct use of “to do lists”
  • Describe the benefits of forward planning
  • Delegate effectively to optimise the use of your own time
  • Effectively manage the time spent on external and internal meetings
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

  • What are the key activities of selling?
  • Why is time management so important?
  • The classic “stealers of time”
  • Effective forward planning
  • Using your diary as a “to do list”
  • The golden rules of delegation
  • Managing meetings
  • Creating a post course action plan