Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

New telesales staff or experienced people who would benefit from some “refresher” training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the correct breathing and voice style techniques
  • Demonstrate how to handle both positive and negative responses
  • Stay in control when dealing with “difficult” situations
  • Describe the key telesales concepts
  • Demonstrate the correct methods for making follow up calls
  • Demonstrate effective closing techniques
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

  • Overcoming “telephone nerves”
  • Telesales knowledge, attitude and ability
  • Defining the telesales professional
  • Dealing with “difficult people”
  • Breathing and voice control
  • Working with the receptionist
  • Key telesales concepts
  • Useful techniques for handling negative and positive responses
  • Avoiding the common mistakes of follow up calls
  • Getting attention and staying in control
  • Closing techniques