Duration: 1/2 Day Session (price for 2 sessions in a day)

Learning Objectives

Identify current thinking around punctuation and grammar
Demonstrate how to use punctuation effectively
Explain common mistakes

Course Content

  • The evolution of P+G
  • The importance of understanding P+G within a business context (and the difference for creative writing)
  • Parts of speech
  • How to use the key punctuation marks and common errors
  • Current thinking on punctuation and grammar
  • Take the test: The National Curriculum – what primary school children are expected to understand and apply (Modal verbs, fronted adverbials, various tenses, relative pronouns, subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions, possessive apostrophes)
  • Myths debunked – old rules that can be ignored
  • Applying this knowledge in a business context – especially for those who edit or proofread their colleagues’ texts