Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Account Managers and Sales Executives who wish to make the best use of their time and optimise their sales efforts

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the main accounting statements, i.e. P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow
  • Explore budget objectives and the different methods of creating budgets
  • Understand what is meant by variances and how they can be controlled
  • Understand the difference between fixed and variable costs
  • Discuss how long term decisions are made and the different techniques used for making capital investment decisions and how depreciation is calculated
  • Consider other management methods, e.g. balanced scorecard
  • Create an action plan for improving the management of budgets

Course Content

  • The basic principles of company accounts.
  • Objectives of budgets
  • Monitoring budgets
  • Overcoming the “balance sheet barrier”.
  • “Money In”