Delivering Live Virtual Training

Any of the courses from our rich library of Desktop IT, Soft skills and Management subjects can be delivered as a live tutor lead virtual course or webinar.
The course structure is exactly the same covering the syllabus outline in the same order with slightly modified exercises. The delegates still have the ability to ask questions and have group discussion with the trainer either through the mic interface or delegates can type questions and responses if they prefer.

  1. Our trainer runs the course remotely and your delegates are sent a link to be able to join the session well before the event so they can check that everything is working and are comfortable with how it works.
  2. The delivery of the course will be split into multiple sessions, with short breaks in between so they can stay focused.
  3. Delegates can see the trainers screen for any walk through examples at all times through the day.
  4. Questions – They can ask the trainer a question at any time, either by simply speaking aloud through their microphone or by typing on the interface.
  5. Delegates can also dial into the session on their phone if they prefer.

There’s no specialist or additional software needed for this – it’s as simple as clicking on a link!