Duration: 1 Day

Learning Objectives

  • Plan your copy – who is the audience, length of copy, key messages, graphics and (most importantly) ‘finding your voice and tone’.
  • Write your copy – using engaging language and story-telling techniques that reflects the ‘voice’ above, tells the story and sells the location.
  • Edit your copy – ensuring ‘every word does its job’, being concise, readable and engaging. Classic editing ‘removals’, avoiding clich’s, recognising tautology.
  • Format your copy – ensuring it looks good in print.
  • Check your copy – critical proofreading (spelling, punctuation, fonts, spacing, bullets.)
  • Common errors – examples of ‘disasters’ and what to avoid. The final pre-publishing check.

Course Content

  • Planning your copy for its audience and key message
  • Writing engaging copy
  • Editing your copy
  • Formatting your copy for its media
  • Check your copy/critical proofreading
  • Avoiding common errors