Duration 1 Day

TOL – This can be booked as a Time Optimised Learning course

Who should attend?

Anyone who attends or runs meetings on a regular basis

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concept and purpose of meetings
  • Demonstrate the methodology for planning an effective meeting
  • Describe the roles people adopt in meetings
  • Demonstrate the skills for dealing with ‘difficult’ attendees
  • Explain the role of chairperson.
  • Create a personal implementation plan

Course Content

  • Understanding the concept of a meeting
  • What is the worth & cost of the meeting?
  • Planning your meeting
  • Roles within meetings
  • Opening Address
  • Assertiveness
  • Control of the group
  • Being constructive
  • Getting a decision
  • When to defer Active Listening
  • Conclusions
  • Taking Minutes
  • Problems with meetings
  • Turning negative actions into positive results