Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management

Course Duration is 4 Days


Business Benefit

The Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management aims to give practising or potential Directors the foundation for their formal development in this role. The programme has two primary objectives. To assist participants in gaining the knowledge required by a Director and to develop management skills all attendees qualify for free ILM Membership. Designed to help candidates get the most from their course and advance their management career, Studying members can get a range of benefits including Harvard Business Publishing online books, Career development Advice, Information on networking events around the UK, Edge Online a management magazine.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

People performing at a top level with in an organisation, such as Directors.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Be able to justify an enquiry-based approach as a means of developing leadership and management capability.
Be able to design and undertake an enquiry-based approach to learning and development.
Be able to evaluate and deliver the outcome of enquiry-based learning.

Course Content

Module 1: Leadership and Management
– Current state
– Great Man Theory – Trait Theory – Behavioural Theory (Role Theory and Managerial Grid)Transformational times
– Kouzes and Posners LeadershipParticipation InventoryCapability versus Performance
Culture and Impact of organisational climate and processes

Module 2: Leadership and Management Capability

  • Leadership and Management Development

– Past, Current, Future states – Past, Current, Future trends

  • National Performance and Capability
  • Competencies and Frameworks
  • Engagement
  • Beyond leadership and management skills and competence
  • Individual capability versus organisational capability
  • Coaching and Mentoring approaches

Module 3: Developing Self

  • Learning styles and approaches
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and commitment
  • Individual Capability versus Individual Performance
  • Opportunities to further development

– Work-based learning, HE, L&D Providers

  • Formal and informal approaches
  • Knowledge gaps and performance gaps
  • Personal Brand

Module 4: Enquiry-Based Research

  • What is Evidence-based enquiry or learning
  • Critical Thinking skills

– Evaluation, analysis

  • Developing Hypotheses and research questions

– Measuring success and outcomes (Metrics)

  • Methodology

– Qualitative vs Quantitative approaches – Ethical considerations

  • Review current literature and thinking
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Making Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Undertaking the project
  • Taking Action and Adding Value