Assertiveness In Work

Course Duration is 1 Days

£395.00 Plus VAT

Business Benefit

How managers come across to staff and how staff come across to customers can have a big impact on business results. Our behaviour in the workplace can impact on sales, productivity, staff retention, absenteeism and managing change. The skills of assertiveness can unlock the true potential of an organisation.

How to Book

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Who Should Attend

Anyone who has to deal with a variety of delicate issues which, potentially, could result in difficult people situations if not handled confidently and skilfully.

Learning Outcomes – by the end of this course you will be able to…

Cope calmly with aggression and hassles
Arrive at successful personal outcomes in a variety of demanding situations
Appreciate the importance of nonverbal behaviour when interacting assertively communicate effectively in group situations

Course Content

Rights and Behaviours understanding how your style of behaviour emanates from the rights you give to yourself and others
Nonverbal Behaviour clarifying nonverbal aspects of assertion, aggression and nonassertion
Inner Dialogues the relationships between the things we say to ourselves and how we behave; the
importance of getting things right in our head
Assertive Outcomes how to achieve win/win or remain firm when things are nonnegotiable, ie saying “no”
Assertive Options how to make your assertions