5S Training

Course Duration is 1 day

£1,095.00 Plus VAT

Delivery Method

Face To Face Delivery  Virtual Delivery One To One Coaching Closed Group Course Public Course

Business Benefit

5S is an organisational method describing how to organise a workspace. It is one of the most widely adopted techniques from the lean manufacturing toolbox. The main objective of 5S is to create a clean, orderly environment where there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. 5S makes it easier for people to do this without wasting time.
This 5S Training is designed to provide knowledge on different elements of 5S. Topics covered include the numerous benefits of 5S, how to remove unnecessary items, equipment layout, storage methods, visual management, general cleaning, activity planning and resourcing. Delegates will also become familiarised with the concepts of red-tagging and auditing. By the end of this training, delegates will be able to maintain and improve standards and implement plan development.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to learn about how 5S works and how it should be implemented can attend this course.

Learning Outcomes

 Learn how to organise a workspace and work efficiently, effectively, and safely.
 Become familiarised with the concepts of red-tagging and visual management.
 Learn how to maintain and improve standards and implement plan development.

Course Content

Introduction to 5S
 Lean Manufacturing
 Eight Wastes – Healthcare Example
 Tips for 5S
 Poka Yoke
 What is SMED?
 Benefits of 5S

Getting Started with 1S Sort
 Red Tagging
 Removing Unnecessary Items

Introduction to 2S Set
 Determining Equipment Requirements
 Equipment Layout
 Storage Methods
 Visual Management

3S Shine
 General Cleaning
 Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

4S Standardise
 Activity Planning and Resourcing
 Developing Procedures

5S Sustain
 Maintaining and Improving Standards
 Implementation Plan Development

How to Book

If you are interested in booking this course, then please select an available date and then click book now to complete the booking. Can’t see a suitable date contact us on [email protected] and we can discuss specific date requirements.


These follow up coaching sessions help support your colleagues to embed their learning during their skills transfer period.  Applying new skills and changing behaviour takes effort and practice.  After attending a training course many colleagues will find they need support through this transition.  EQV can provide that support with follow up coaching sessions to help embed the learning.

Embedding coaching sessions can be delivered in 90 minute and half day durations.  The facilitator will work with the group to capture feedback about challenges and how to overcome them ensuring success going forward.

Having a formal embedding coaching session will not only increase the success of the skills transfer period but helps create a platform of motivation, inclusivity and commitment within the group.