Technician Support

Technical Assistance for Home Working

During the next few weeks, with more people starting to work from home, maybe for the first time, this can stretch your technical support staff to its limits.

EQV can supply technical staff to help ease the transition into home working for your staff and lessen the pressure on your own technical staff.

Our technical team can support with such things as:

  • Creating essential bookmarks
  • Creating desktop shortcuts to resources
  • Help setting up audio equipment, microphones and speakers Web cam configuration
  • Installing software on devices like Skype or go to meeting Configuring software to work with the audio-visual hardware
  • Accessing google apps, office 365 etc.
  • Configuring shared storage type apps like google drive or Dropbox
  • Help to setup VPN connections
  • Reassurance that your colleagues can access the company data on a secure basis, usernames, passwords and connection information.
  • Soft phone and VOIP phone setup


Other support roles we can assist in:

  • Offer remote assistance using software like Windows Remote Desktop or Team Viewer or login-me-in rescue.
  • Personal visits to employees’ homes at timed intervals to deliver and setup any equipment or software.
  • A support line manned by professional technicians capable of secure remote support using team viewer or just comprehensive verbal instructions.

We can also supply hardware like speaker’s, microphone, headsets & laptops etc.

Please contact us for more information