Duration 4 Days

Although the duration for this course is Four days the recommended structure is as follows;Day 1 – Module 1Day 2 – Module 2Coaching SessionDay 3 – Module 3Day 4 – Module 4Coaching Session

Who should attend?

People performing at a top level with in an organisation, such as Directors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to justify an enquiry-based approach as a means of developing leadership and management capability.
  • Be able to design and undertake an enquiry-based approach to learning and development.
  • Be able to evaluate and deliver the outcome of enquiry-based learning.

Course Content

Module 1: Leadership and Management

  • Current state

– Great Man Theory – Trait Theory – Behavioural Theory (Role Theory and Managerial Grid)

  • Transformational times

– Kouzes and Posners LeadershipParticipation Inventory

  • Capability versus Performance
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Culture and Impact of organisational climate and processes

Module 2: Leadership and Management Capability

  • Leadership and Management Development

– Past, Current, Future states – Past, Current, Future trends

  • National Performance and Capability
  • Competencies and Frameworks
  • Engagement
  • Beyond leadership and management skills and competence
  • Individual capability versus organisational capability
  • Coaching and Mentoring approaches

Module 3: Developing Self

  • Learning styles and approaches
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and commitment
  • Individual Capability versus Individual Performance
  • Opportunities to further development

– Work-based learning, HE, L&D Providers

  • Formal and informal approaches
  • Knowledge gaps and performance gaps
  • Personal Brand

Module 4: Enquiry-Based Research

  • What is Evidence-based enquiry or learning
  • Critical Thinking skills

– Evaluation, analysis

  • Developing Hypotheses and research questions

– Measuring success and outcomes (Metrics)

  • Methodology

– Qualitative vs Quantitative approaches – Ethical considerations

  • Review current literature and thinking
  • Analysis and discussion
  • Making Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Undertaking the project
  • Taking Action and Adding Value

20 Credits

£1495 + VAT per Day