Duration 2 Days

Course Content

  • Lean Six Sigma Overview (history and main concepts)
    Lean Six Sigma as a Management philosophy
    Roles in Lean Six Sigma
    Steps of Lean Six Sigma
    Six Sigma metric
    Effective teamwork
  • Define Phase
    Problem Statements and goals
    The Voice of the Customer (VOC)
    Critical to Quality
    Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Measure Phase
    Introduction and measurement challenges
    Process Performance Baseline
    Process Mapping
    Value Stream Mapping
  • Analyse Phase
    Exploratory Data Analysis (visual)
    Value Analysis
    Types of waste
    Root Cause Analysis – 5 Why’s / Ishikawa diagrams
  • Improve Phase
    Selecting Improvement Solutions
    Ease & Effect matrix
    Risk Management – FMEA (overview)
  • Control Phase
    Sustaining improvement
    Ongoing process measurement
    Statistical Process Control (SPC) overview