Jet Essentials Introduction

Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to use Jet Essentials in Microsoft Excel.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding fundamental concepts
  • Basic Dynamic Reporting
  • Understanding filters, tables and fields
  • Understanding Report Options

Course Content

  • Foundational Concepts
  • Jet Reports, Excel, Relational Databases
  • The Report Writing Procedure
  • Basics of a Mock-up Report
  • Adding to the Mock-up: Filters, Tables, and Fields
  • Final Predevelopment Steps (Options Page & Report Page Setup)
  • Development: Basic Dynamic Reporting
  • Replication and the NL Function
  • Summary Lists (and NL Data Functions)
  • Data Dump Lists (and the NF function)
  • Sorting
  • Development: Advanced Dynamic Reporting
  • Grouping Reports
  • Summing and Subtotalling
  • Final Development Steps (Report Options, NP(Eval), Graphs, etc)
  • Multilevel Grouping Reports

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