Duration 3 Days

Who should attend?

Attendees will normally be either practising or aspiring first line managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Good Practice in Workplace Coaching
  • Organising Workplace Coaching
  • Undertaking Supervised Coaching in the Workplace
  • Each of the above has an associated assessment associated to prove learning has taken place
  • Each Award programme is run over a 3 month period

Course Content

  • Describe the effective workplace coach’s role, responsibilities, characteristics and behaviours
  • Explain the importance of assessing learning styles, agreeing learning outcomes and overcoming potential barriers to ensure that workplace coaching is effective
  • Assess own ability to use a variety of interpersonal communication strategies and give effective feedback to learners on their performance to coach them in the workplace
  • Know how to identify resources to support safe and effective coaching in the workplace
  • Know how to monitor, assess and record learners’ progress towards their goals
  • Know how to use coaching records to identify areas for improvement in own workplace coaching practice
  • Plan and organise workplace coaching sessions
  • Undertake coaching in the workplace
  • Monitor and review own workplace coaching performance