Family Friendly Policies


Business Benefit :-

This half day course reviews all the legal requirements for maternity, parental, paternity, adoption and dependant leave, using practical examples and case studies to highlight potential difficulties in the management of family-friendly policies and procedures.

Duration 1/2 Day

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at members of a HR Team at all levels and is invaluable both for those new to the area and for those in need of a refresher.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is meant by a family friendly employer
  • Understand what policies your organisation has to support families in the workplace
  • Learn how to support staff considering your organisations commitment to being a family friendly employer
  • Understand how to balance the workforce and their requests in line with current policies
  • Consider boundaries to implementation of available policies

Course Content

  • The Law
  • Maternity Issues
  • Parental and Dependant Leave
  • Adoption paternity pay and leave
  • Areas to watch out for..
  • Flexible Working

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