Duration 1 Day

Who should attend?

Managers or staff who wish to improve their written communication skills and report writing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the impact of communication
  • Examine email etiquette
  • Set SMART objectives for reports
  • Demonstrate how to organise into related groups
  • Identify the types of argument
  • Describe a classic report structure
  • Review the role of a thesis statement
  • Examine the importance of an Intro and Conclusion
  • Examine the use of plain English
  • Apply techniques to make a report readable
  • Identify how to package the report

Course Content

  • The definition and impact of communication
  • Email the advantages and disadvantages
  • Mail standards and abbreviations
  • 32 tips on email etiquette
  • The importance and benefits of reports
  • What types of report?
  • Corporate templates
  • 6 stages of report writing
  • Introduction styles
  • What is a thesis statement
  • Tips on conclusions
  • Why is grammar so important
  • Using plain English
  • How to improve readability
  • Packaging the report