Duration 2 Hours

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is perfect for anybody who can ride a bike and would like to start cycling on the road. Our fully qualified trainer can teach up to three delegates per session, with multiple sessions per day.

Learning Objectives

  • Use gears correctly
  • Carry out a simple bike check
  • Stop quickly and safely with control
  • Understand the importance of where to ride on roads being used
  • Turn left and right into minor and major roads
  • Make decisions and understand safe riding strategy
  • How to navigate mini roundabouts.

Course Content

  • Looking and being aware of things around you, including behind, without loss of control
  • Using gears
  • Passing parked and slower moving vehicles
  • Passing side roads
  • Understand how and when to signal intentions to other road users
  • Making U turns
  • Basic coverage of the highway code (road signs and markings)
  • Choosing and changing lanes
  • Turn left at a mini/single lane roundabout
  • Turn right at a mini/single lane roundabout
  • Go straight ahead at a mini/single lane roundabout
  • Using cycle lanes
  • Going straight from a minor road to a minor road at a crossroads.

£495 per day – Each 2 Hour session can have 3 Delegates and upto 3 sessions a day!