Duration: 2 Days

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the organisational requirements for a leader
  • Understand leadership styles
  • Understand how a leader builds a shared sense of purpose with a team

Course Content

  • Identify organisational requirements for respecting the cultures, values and ethics of others
  • Describe the levels of authority and responsibility of a leader in the organisation
  • Explain the impact of a leader on personal objectives and team achievement
  • Describe the role of a leader in maintaining integrity, fairness and consistency in action planning and decision making
  • Explain the relationship between management and leadership
  • Describe leadership styles
  • Identify opportunities for development of a leader
  • Explain action-centred leadership
  • Discuss how and why leadership styles need to be adapted in different situations
  • Describe how to establish a culture of mutual trust and respect with a team
  • Identify techniques to motivate and encourage the development of team members
  • Describe how a leader develops a team’s understanding of its shared purpose and organisational direction